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A professional network for independent environmental educators and their community partners.

Talaterra Cowork

Talaterra Cowork is a network for independent professionals working in natural resource fields, environmental education, and related fields. It is for individuals who facilitate new ways of seeing, thinking, and learning about the outdoors as they work in their communities.

It is for independent professionals who want to engage generously with peers, who want to create change in their communities, and want to create a sustainable career as independent professionals working in the environmental education field.

It is also for the individuals and organizations that work with these professionals or who are interested in working with them.

Once inside you'll be able to:

  • Have conversations with other independent professionals in the field. 
  • Learn about the excellent work being completed by independent professionals in environmental education.
  • Discover new resources and interactive learning opportunities.
  • Ask for what you need from peers.
  • Find your next collaborator or community partner.

Meet Your Colleagues

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About Your Community Host

Tania Marien is an independent educator and principal of The Freelance Condition and Lifelong Learning in Communities project. She is also the producer of the Talaterra podcast, where she hosts conversations with educators and researchers whose work facilitates connections between people and nature.

Through her initiatives, Tania strives to bring attention to the work independent environmental educators do in their communities and to show the depth, breadth, and the knowledge of the people who work in this capacity.

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Photo Credit: John DeMato, DeMato Productions

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